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What’s Happening on the Bus

State Requirements

  • Face coverings will be worn by students, drivers, and other passengers. Exceptions for students
    are outlined in the appendix of this document.
  • Strategies will be implemented to ensure driver and attendant safety on all buses.
  • Protocols will be established to minimize mixing of students from different households and regularly cleaning and disinfecting seats and other high-touch surfaces.


  • Bus Drivers and Attendants will
    • take their own temperature each day to ensure they do not have a fever of 100.4 or greater.
    • wear face coverings.
    • not use eye protection that obstructs vision while driving.
    • wipe down all high touch areas (handrails, seat backs, etc.) of the bus with disinfectant.
    • deep clean the buses at the end of the day with a disinfecting mister.
    • load students on the bus in a manner that maximizes physical distancing.
    • Face shields or goggles will be available for Drivers and Attendants to use when working with students, parents, school personnel, or other individuals.
  • Students will
    • wear a face covering. Exceptions are outlined in the appendix.
    • be assigned a seat in order to support contact tracing.
    • be seated next to members of the same household when possible.
    • load the bus from the rear to the front based on the location of the bus stop.
  • Administrators/Teachers will
    • continue to accept requests for Space Available passes on buses using current district guidelines.
    • facilitate boarding of buses at the end of the day to ensure students are seated according to household groups, bus routes, and seating charts.

Additional Actions and Guidance

  • Students are expected to comply with physical distancing recommendations and instructions of
    the bus driver and attendants.
  • Parents of special education students receiving specific bus services need to notify transportation dispatch if the student will not be attending school.
  • Friday bus schedules will be forthcoming.

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