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What’s Happening in the Cafeteria

State Requirements

  • Markings will be provided to indicate line spacing and designate serving line flow paths.
  • Self-service salad bars and buffets will be removed.
  • Food service workers will wear face coverings.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at entry/exit points for before/after meals.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting will be increased in all high-touch areas.   


  • Sign templates will be provided by the Office of Communications for Administration to use to designate
    traffic flow patterns, line spacing and proper hand hygiene.
  • Students will not be required to wear masks while eating in the cafeteria. We realize that physical distances of 6 feet apart may not be feasible. Reducing the amount of time students are in the cafeteria should be considered whenever possible.
  • Plans will be put in place at each school to decrease the numbers of students in eating areas at once, including:
    • Utilizing outdoor spaces.
    • Opening Gymnasium curtains to space out cafeteria tables.
    • Seating Elementary students by classes.
    • Adding additional lunch periods or modified lunch schedules as needed.
  • All lunches will be served utilizing disposable plates, trays and utensils for a grab-and-go style service.

Meal Serving

  • A Nutrition Services employee will assist as students sanitize their hands.
  • Students will enter designated serving areas (following line flow markers) picking up a prepackaged meal.
  • Students will be handed a milk flavor of choice by a Nutrition Services employee.
  • Students will be issued ID cards from which the clerk/cashier scans the barcode into the meal counting system. If student ID cards will not work in a given system, nutrition services workers will enter numbers for students.
  • Students will receive a meal and sit at their designated table in the cafeteria, outside, or in the classroom.


  • All food preparation surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized with Eco-lab throughout the workday.
  • At the end of each day (after surfaces have been cleaned and sanitized) all high touch and work surfaces will be sprayed with EPA approved Peroxide Multi Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant. This product will remain on all surfaces throughout the night and rinsed off all food prep surfaces at the beginning of each workday. NOTE: It is important that kitchens are not being used after the end of each work day until the beginning of the next work day. 

Employee PPE and Personal Safety

  • All Nutrition Services employees will:
    • be reminded “If you are sick, stay home.”
    • will take and log temperatures at the beginning of each workday.
    • will wear gloves and face coverings during food preparation and serving.   
    • will be provided face shields or plexiglass protection where appropriate.

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