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What’s Happening in the Hallway

State Requirements

  • Entry/exit flow paths will be designated to minimize congestion.
  • High traffic areas will be identified and floor markings or signage will be used to direct traffic.
  • Protocols will be established for implementing an increased cleaning and hygiene regimen.
  • Faculty and staff will wear face coverings.
  • Students will wear face coverings until further notice. Exceptions are outlined in the appendix.


  • Sign templates will be provided by the Office of Communications for Administration to use to
    create hallway traffic flow patterns.
  • Administrators and staff will develop plans to monitor and minimize congregation of students in the hallways.
  • Middle schools will encourage students to use backpacks instead of lockers to minimize the need for stops in the hallway.
  • Custodians and sweepers will clean and disinfect daily, all touch point areas, as outlined on each job card for their assigned areas including: doors, doorknobs, and door casings, stair handrails, elevators, vending machines, light switches, and drinking fountains.
  • Students will be encouraged to bring refillable water bottles and use touchless fountains wherever available.
  • Students will be required to wear a face covering in the hallway until further notice. Exceptions are outlined in the appendix.

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