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What’s Happing at the Stadium/Field

UHSAA Recommendations

  • UHSAA has provided the following requirements for all sanctioned events based on the YELLOW PHASE:
    • Symptom/Temperature checking will be completed before participation daily.
    • Symptom tracking will be done using the NFHS Symptom Form, or any district approved symptom check tool, app, or form.
    • Visiting teams will symptom/temperature check before loading the bus to travel to games.
    • Home teams will symptom/temperature check before athletes enter the locker room pregame.
    • Rosters or list of participants and their contact information MUST be maintained when engaging in formal competitive events to assist with contact tracing efforts when physical distancing is not feasible.
    • Social Distancing will be utilized when practical and in family groups at venues.
    • Hand sanitizer will be readily available.
    • Equipment will be cleaned/sanitized between practice pod groups.
    • Individual hydration containers, or a watering system will be used that allows for social distancing.
    • The number of players on the sideline will be limited to 50 for football, and no more than 25 for all other sports.
    • Practices will be limited to no more than 50 participants using Pods.
    • Spectators will be limited to no more than 6,000 in outdoor venues, and 3,000 for indoor venues. Social distancing guidelines will be followed.
    • Masks will be required where social distancing is not practical for participants and spectators. State, local and school district guidelines for face coverings should be strictly observed. Cloth face coverings should be considered acceptable.
    • Any student who prefers to wear a face covering during an event should be allowed to do so. Face coverings may continue to be used when not engaging in vigorous activity, such as sitting on the bench during a contest, locker rooms, and athletic training rooms.
    • Coaches, Officials and other contest personnel may wear face coverings at all times.
    • Vulnerable individuals (over 65 years old, with pre-existing conditions, and compromised immune systems) will be encouraged to limit their participation and/or attendance in activities.
    • Athletes should never share equipment, clothes, towels, etc.
    • Athletes should shower at home, and wash practice/game uniforms daily.
    • Facilities/Equipment should be cleaned and sanitized before, during, and after practices and/or games.
    • PRE-SEASON Conditioning & Heat Acclimatization
      • UHSAA recommends a minimum of two to four weeks of phased reintroduction of physical activity followed by a minimum of 10-14 days of heat acclimatization consistent with protocols for High School Student Athletes found in “Return to Sports and Exercise during COVID-19 Pandemic: Guidance for High School and Collegiate Athletic Programs document. Football will continue with the 14 days as outlined in the UHSAA Acclimatization Protocol.
    • The above guidelines were taken from the UHSAA website.


  • Stadiums will be used to hold some activities in order to increase the possibility for social distancing.
  • Plans for athletic competition will be based on UHSAA regulations for each phase as explained above.
  • Spectators will be allowed to attend sporting events on a limited basis.
  • Spectators will be expected to wear masks when physical distance of at least six feet from any other individual is not feasible when outdoors.
  • Student participants will be provided with a limited number of tickets for purchase by family or friends.
  • Coaches/Advisors will be provided with a limited number of tickets for distribution to family members.
  • Additional tickets will be made available to the general student body based on capacity.
  • 10Each school will develop their own protocols for ticket distribution.

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