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2021-22 Dashboard

The case counts below reflect student cases from the last 14 days and are provided by Salt Lake County Health Department staff, who will update totals daily.

According to state law, “test-to-stay” will be implemented if a school reaches the established positive COVID-19 threshold.

  • Schools with 1,500 or more students have 2% of their students test positive for COVID-19.
  • Schools with fewer than 1,500 students have 30 students test positive for COVID-19.
  • All students must “test-to-stay” if they wish to remain at school, even those who are fully vaccinated.
  • All students who chose not to “test-to-stay” will be required to stay home for 5 days.

A single-column view of the dashboard is available at this link if your computer or device is not able to display the totals below.